☠️The Harbor

You will start your pirate life in one of the harbors around the world.

Due to the pirate code, the harbor and its waters are safe zones. No pirate can attack you once you are in a defined area that is considered the harbors territory.

In the harbors, you will be able to do a variety of things.

Restore Health

The most crucial reason to dock in the harbor is to restore the health of your ship. You can wait while the crew works hard, boost the process with CPR tokens, or swap to a new ship and keep exploring the seas while your old ship is restored.

Purchase & Upgrade Items

In each harbor, you can buy items at the local merchant. Upgrades are going to be unique, depending on the harbor. You may find the ability to upgrade your cannons in one harbor and the ability to increase your inventory slots in another. Players will also be able to sell their items, but these items will be on the global market regardless of the harbor you're in.

Equip your inventory

Going out to sea is not for faint hatred. You have to plan well and be prepared for anything. Choosing what to take with you on your journey is crucial. Whether it's a barrel of rum to increase your speed when you are being chased or some extra shovels to dig up more gold.

Some of the items in your inventory will also need some time to restore. For example, rum barrels will need to be refilled in the harbor. You can wait for the refill to finish, boost your refill with CPR tokens, or if you have an extra rum barrel in your inventory, you can switch it up and be on your way while the used barrel refills.

Withdrawing funds

Once you fulfilled your inner pirate dream and returned to port in one piece, with a closed treasure chest. You will need to wait until your crew opens it. Afterward, you can transfer your gold to your WAX account and get rich. Well, get rich until you decide to spend your gold on more upgrades and get some more treasure chests. That is a pirate's life, after all.

In the future, we plan to add the ability for players to chat in the harbors.

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