🏴The Beginning

Please Note: Only original pack holders will be able to unpack and play the game's beta version. The initial packs will also have unique skins, and they can be used to mine CPR tokens. Packs that will be sold after the game launch will not have these features!

Your pirate journey will begin with unpacking your Captain, Officer, or Soldier packs. After unpacking, the assets will appear in your inventory in the game. You will have an option to pick which items you want to take on your treasure hunt. All items in the packs and technical assets will be individual items.

If you cannot get a pack from the secondary market, you will need to buy a pack in the in-game marketplace for CPR tokens.

Each player will have their own account name (from blockchain), and under that name, they will be identified by other players.

After the setup process is complete, the player will be randomly dropped in one of the harbors.

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