Coin Pirates

Information panels

You will see a screen similar to the screenshot below with information panels when you set sail.


This is where you will find information on two main things:
Total CPR balance - is the total amount of CPR you have in your wallet. The mined CPR tokens will go directly into the total CPR balance.
Game CPR balance - is the amount of CPR used to go out to sea. You will lose ⅓ of the game balance if you lose a fight. If you win one, ⅓ of your victim's game balance will go to your total balance (please note, battles are not available in the Alpha).


Here you will find essential items that will lead you to victory in battle, help you explore new seas, and look for treasures. ARRRRRR.

Ship Health

⅓ of your health is depleted after a lost battle. If you lose 3 times, you will have to repair the ship in the harbor.


The higher the damage indicator, the more chances you will be victorious on the battlefield. Your crew members and cannons can increase the damage indicator.

Damage resistance:

This characteristic is compiled out of the level of the ship. The higher the indicator, the more your ship is resistant to damage.


The better the ship, the higher the speed. A Captain can also boost the ship's speed.


This indicator shows your visibility radius. The higher the radius, the quicker you can spot enemy ships. This attribute can be increased by leveling up your ship and equipping a spyglass.

Mining difficulty:

Your mining ability depends on the crew and your items. The lower the indicator, the faster you can mine. This attribute can be decreased by having a Soldier in your crew and using a pickaxe. Remember, you'll need at least a shovel to start mining.

Treasure Locator

This is your treasure locator. It indicates your ability to find CPR in treasure chests. The higher the locator indicator, the better your probability of finding CPR in the chests. A better ship or a compass can improve your treasure locator.
Here, you will see the entire map and coordinate where you want to go.

Chests & Inventory

“Chests” is where you can see all your chests and open them. Don't forget to use a crowbar to open chests immediately.
Here you can check on your items, crew, and ship that you are sailing with. You can also see your items that are at the harbor. To equip the items that are not already equipped, you will need to visit a harbor.


Zoom in and out, locate your ship, and enter full-screen mode.


The information details are also located in the help icon on the bottom right side of the screen. You can always access it and go through onboarding again.