🏛️Governance & Guilds

GCPR is the governance token for the Coinpirates world. It will have multiple applications, and it is a way for the community to take part in the evolution of Coinpirates. The token can be purchased on Alcor (https://wax.alcor.exchange/trade/gcpr-coin.pirates_wax-eosio.token).

Having the governance token (GCPR) will allow the holder to do the following few things:

  • Global Voting (all GCPR holders can participate)

  • Rewards (guild and global)

  • Create / Join Guilds (specific requirements will need to be met)

The Economy

There will be a total of 100,000,000 GCPR tokens. Please see below for the distribution percentages. The ability to get governance tokens in-game will go live one year after the game is released.

30% - Coinpirates

6% - Cryptolions

25% - Will go on sale on the exchanges

10% - Reserved for private investors

29% - Will be available to find in-game (note, finding GCPR tokens in-game will become available a year after launch)

GCPR token will be required to create a Guild or to join one. The total cost of creating a Guild will be 312,500 GCPR tokens. The creator of the Guild can stake the full amount, then start a Guild on his own, or there is an option to stake half of the cost, which is 156,250 GCPR tokens, and get on a waitlist. Afterward, the owner will have to go out into the community to ask pirates to join their future Guild. When the total amount of GCPR tokens equals 312,500 GCPR, the Guild will go active. The pirates who want to join a Guild, whether it is a Guild that is already created or on the waitlist, will need to contribute a certain amount of GCPR tokens. The creator of the Guild can set his GCPR entry requirement, but it cannot be less than 2200 GCPR.

Global Voting

Example: If there is a decision that needs to be made regarding implementing a new feature. The Coinpirates team will inform the community regarding the functionality in question. We will then ask the GCPR holders to vote with their tokens and decide.


Every pirate that holds some amount of GCPR tokens will receive rewards in the form of CPR tokens. The rewards will be a percentage of the pirate's purchases in the in-game marketplace, upgrading ships, etc. A form of pirate cashback, if you will. The percentages from the sales will be distributed as follows:


No ship gets far with just one man on board. To conquer the Seven Seas, you need a robust and like-minded crew. You can get one with Guilds. Guilds will provide a massive benefit for the owner, as well as for the pirates that joined.

Each Guild can be cosmetically customized as well as have a unique name to stand out among others. There will be a max of 100 pirates in one Guild.

Guilds will have these main functionalities:

  • Custom Discord Channel - each Guild will have the ability to create a custom discord channel on the official Coinpirates server. The channel will be locked, and only the pirates of that Guild can access it.

  • Internal voting system - everyone in a Guild can initiate a vote. The created votes will be posted in a specific voting tab, and they will be prioritized based on the number of governance tokens held by the vote creator.

Example: Decide which cosmetics should represent the Guild, or vote on guild moderators.

  • Trial system - the owner or moderators of the Guild can initiate a trial to have one of the guild members walk the plank.

    Example: If someone is not contributing to the Guild. The Guild members can create a trial, where the Guild will explain why the trial is initiated, and the accused will have an option to object. Then the members will have a certain amount of time to vote whether to make the accused pirate walk the plank.

  • Treasure Sharing - Each member of the guild will contribute 5% of its gains to the Guild's Shared Treasure Chest. At the end of each week, the members of the Guild will go and claim their share from the Guilds Treasure Chest. The amount that will be distributed to the members is going to be determined by the Guild owner.

    Example: 50% of the weekly gains go to the owner and moderators of the Guild, and 50% is distributed evenly between the members.

Being in a Guild will benefit both the owner of the Guild and the pirates that joined. The owner will decide what portion of the Guilds Treasures go to him and what portions go out to his pirates. The pirates that joined the Guild will get a share of all the treasures that everyone collected. Apart from distributing coins among each other, the Guild is great for raids and joint battles. After all, one pirate ship in a battle is good, but one hundred is better. In a case when the owner no longer wants to manage his Guild, he can pass on his ownership rights to another pirate.


The main point of GCPR is decentralized governance of Coinpirates. At launch, the governance will look as follows:

After a few years of pirates roaming the Seven Seas, the governance will be the following:

This way, we can provide the best service to our players and evolve the Coinpirates world into a self-sustainable game. We believe a few years will get us to a point where the community is solid and ready to be the majority in our decentralized system.

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