🌊Going out to sea

Now in the sea is where a pirate's life begins. Set sail to distant lands in search of hidden treasures. Beware, the journey is dangerous, you will need to look after your ship, since sailing the sea is no walk in the park. You might want to start small first and upgrade your ship for those more extended treasure hunts.

To exit the harbor and start your pirate adventure, you need to put some CPR tokens on your "game balance". These tokens are required to roam the seas. This "game balance" amount will represent 3 "parrots 🦜" (lives). The "parrots 🦜" will be depleted when you lose a ship battle. After 3 ship battles are lost, you will lose your 3 "parrots 🦜", hence, lose the CPR tokens, and you will be automatically transported to the nearest harbor to patch up your wounds.

The amount of CPR tokens that need to be deposited to the "game balance" will vary depending on the market. The number of tokens lost when you lose a battle will always be ⅓ of the "game balance". We will elaborate more on the ship battles and their economics in the "Battles" post.

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