One of the main functionality of Coin Pirates is mining.

To mine, you will need a shovel. You can also take a pickaxe onboard. It will increase the mining speed.

There are mining locations scattered all over the islands. A site that can be mined will be indicated with a coin (see below)

To start mining, you have to get close to the mining location. Once you are close enough, a mine button will appear on the top right side of the screen.

Clicking the mine button will bring up another information screen (see below).

Durability - is the number of locations you can mine.

After mining 3 locations, your shovelsโ€™ durability will be 0. There are 2 options in this case:

  1. Wait until the shovel is restored.

  2. Switch to another shovel (note that you have to visit the Harbor to swap the items. Instructions on swapping items are in the "Harbor" section).

Mining difficulty - mining difficulty depends on the crew and your items. The lower the indicator, the faster you can mine. This attribute can be decreased by having a Soldier in your crew and using a pickaxe. Remember, you'll need at least a shovel to start mining.

Odds - this indicator displays the odds of you receiving CPR in the chest. Use a compass to see if the odds are in your favor or not.

Time for mining - this indicator may decrease with a pickaxe.

Once you start mining, there will be a countdown on the bottom left side of the screen that shows how much time is left until you dig up your chest.

Once your chest is discovered, you will have to wait until the chest is ready to open. You can open the chest instantly with a crowbar.

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