Coin Pirates
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Technical Assets

Coinpirates will have technical/utility assets that will support you on your journey to become the most fierce pirate of the seven seas. At launch, there will be 7 technical assets. All 7 assets are available for staking.


A must-have for every pirate. The longer the spyglass, the more respectable you are. It will increase the visibility radius of your ship. You can increase the level of the spyglass with CPR tokens. The higher the level - the better the visibility.


Who is a pirate without his compass? It will lead you to the one thing your heart desires the most - GOLD. A compass will show you the approximate probability of locating a treasure chest in the area you want to dig up.
The level of the compass can be increased with CPR tokens. The higher the level - the more accurate it is.


Well, you found land, you found your treasure location, but how are you going to dig it up? The pickaxe is the most powerful tool for the task. It will dig up the treasure chest quickly and effortlessly. You will need a shovel for the pickaxe to work.
The level of the pickaxes can be increased. The higher the level - the more durable it is.
Remember to sharpen your pickaxe when in port since they do have wear and tear. It may take some time, nothing a little bit of CPR token can’t fix.


Is any explanation needed? The shovel digs up treasure chests, you get gold, then you get rich and retire a happy pirate. But is a pirate really happy without the sea...
The level of the shovels can be increased. The higher the level - the more durable it is.The shovels do need to be repaired in port after a few treasure hunts. This will take time as well, but time flies with CPR tokens. Please note, you can't mine without a shovel.


Ahhh, the sweet sound of cannon fire. You can’t take a knife to a cannon fight. They are the key to keeping yourself from becoming shark bait. Ships can be equipped with multiple cannons, from 3 cannons and up to 6. When equipped, they increase the cannon damage. Cannons are also upgradable to level 9 through CPR tokens. The higher the level - the more firepower you have.After 3 sea battles, the cannons will need to be resupplied in the harbor. It will take some time for this to complete, but you can be on your way right away with a little bit of CPR tokens.


There is no problem that a crowbar can't solve. What is the most annoying pirate problem? A closed treasure chest! The crowbar will get the business done.
There is no level system for the crowbar.Don't forget that it needs to be maintained in good condition, so dock in and enjoy a nice drink while your crowbar has its spa day at the blacksmith, or pay CPR tokens and get back to digging right away.

Rum Barrel

Each pirate has a special relationship with their barrel of rum. With rum, you can flee the battle. The cooldown is 24h.
There is no level system for the rum barrel.Rum runs out quickly, so you will have to get a refill in port. You are not the only one who needs a refill, but you can be bumped up the line with some CPR tokens.