Coin Pirates
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In Coin Pirates 2 mobile, you can engage in PVP battles.


  • Approche your enemy. Once you physically touch your enemy's ship - the battle will commence.
  • You will engage in a live-action battle, where you can use cannons to harm your enemy and maneuver to avoid getting hit.
  • After the battle, you will earn XP and loot (depending on the outcome)

Battle Assets

Any pirate can use some help during a tough battle. In that case, battle assets will come in handy. These assets can be purchased in harbors all over the world.

Included with the ships:

  • Cannons - inflict basic damage

Purchased in harbors:

  • Kraken - inflicts % damage.
  • Sirens - inflicts % damage + 10% health.
  • Gunpowder - Inflicts % damage. Acts like mines dropped from the rear of the ship.
  • Harpoon - Inflicts damage to Kraken & Sirens.
  • Negotiator - allows fleeing the battle. Note, exact % will be available later on.