🏴‍☠️Coin Pirates

Ahhh, the pirate life. A wise man once said: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate."

The origin story

Our Captain Rost (the CEO) is an experienced developer. He worked on many different projects involving Crypto and the Wax blockchain.

One day, he was sitting in his harbor, enjoying a barrel of Rum. Then out of nowhere, he saw Captain Jack Sparrow running by being chased by a whole platoon of British soldiers. What a fun way to spend the day, thought Rost.

Another day went by, and Rost was in his harbor again, enjoying a new barrel of Rum when Captain Jack Sparrow walked by him again. He was twirling that Aztec Gold Coin around his fingers. And BAM! A brilliant idea came to Rost at that point. Why not create his own pirate Armada and allow other sailors to become pirates. To have fun, sail the seven seas, and find all of the gold out there! That is how Coinpirates came to life!

Well, almost, with a few minor changes. The harbor was his apartment. The barrel of Rum wasn't a barrel. Furthermore, it wasn't Rum it was beer. The Captain Jack part is entirely true though, he was running and walking by him on the tv screen. Anyway, the point is, Coinpirates were born in that apartment, and we are all excited for what lies ahead.

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