Coin Pirates


General FAQ 🏴‍☠️

When will staking start?

Staking is available now. You can stake Coinpirates assets, as well as assets from Kolobok, R-planet, Pirates of the eleven stadium and get CPR tokens that can be used in the game. Coinpirates packs are the most profitable assets.

What is the value of Coinpirates packs?

You will have early access to the game. Before the game launches, you can mine CPR tokens that will give you an in-game advantage.

Are packs available for purchase?

When can the Soldier, Officer or Captain packs be unpacked?

They can be unpacked now, in the Alpha version of the game.

Is there going to be more packs?

At this time these are the only packs we have. There will be just 110 Capitan packs. We are going to have Deckhand pack in the future. It will have unlimited supply and be an entry level pack.

Is there a road map?

Yes, it is located on our website:

Is this project going to be a continued development?

Yes, we are passionate about this game and we are working hard to deliver on our promises.

What are your plans for CPR coins? Can we sell it on the Alcor?

There is an option to stake your assets (Coinpirates packs, Kolobok, R-planet and Pirates of the eleven stadium assets) and get some CPR tokens (available now). Also the tokens are listed on Alcor.

Shovels and cannons are for staking only? Similar to R-planet rigs?

You can stake these assets as well but the main idea that you can use these packs in the game.

Can you move assets from Simple Market to Atomic? Will both have the same ability in the game?

Yes, please refer to the Telegram community or the Discord server for instructions. Yes, both have the same ability in the game.

Will there be R-planet staking on both sides?

No, just on our side.

Can all Kolobok/R-planet prizes be staked?

Just the prizes that are related to the subject of Pirates. Please refer to the Telegram community, the Discord server or /docs/staking/ for a detailed list.

Have you guys been involved in any other projects?

Our developer was involved with the development of Kolobok and Simple Market.

Alpha version FAQ 🏴‍☠️

The game is in an Alpha stage and we welcome feedback.

What browser should I use to play the Alpha?

The game runs better on Chrome.

Can I play from my mobile device?

We are in the process of optimizing the game to run on mobile.

What do I need to play the Alpha?

You will need to have A Soldier, Officer or Captain pack. You can purchase the packs on Atomic Hub.

How do I start playing if my packs are staked?

First, unstake your Soldier, Officer, or Captain pack (most likely, you only need one). Second, claim your pack after unstaking. Third, go into the game and unpack your pack.

Can I stake my unpacked pack?

Yes, after unpacking you will receive an “Unpacked” NFT version of your pack. This NFT is only good for staking.

How do I sail once in the game?

To sail, double-click anywhere on the map. You can also go to “explore new seas” on the left side of your screen and see the whole map. From there, you can also set your destination by clicking or by entering coordinates of the place you wish to go to.

How do I mine?

First, you have to find a spinning coin on one of the islands. Once you have located the coin, you have to get close to it. When close enough, you will see a mine button appear on the top right corner of your screen. Please note, once you start mining, you can’t move until the mining is finished.

How do I enter a harbor?

Harbors are located on islands all over the map. Get close enough, and you will see a button on the top right corner of your screen to enter the harbor.

How do I restore the durability of the shovel, pickaxe, etc.?

Items have a cooldown mechanism, so you have to wait for the item to restore or swap in the harbor for a new shovel (if you have one)

Can I get into battles?

Not in the Alpha version. The battles will come in the Beta version of the game.
More details on what is included in each version:

Can I upgrade my items and ship?

Not in the Alpha version. The upgrades will come in the Beta version of the game.
More details on what is included in each version:

I see a mining location, but I can’t get to it.

This is a known issue that the team is working on.

How are mining points repopulated?

A max of 480 chests is distributed once every 3 hours at different locations. Every 10th chest has 0 CPR, so use your compass. This method should keep a healthy distribution of CPR.

What do compasses, pickaxes provide in terms of gameplay?

Please check out our whitepaper for more information:

Can I swap my shovel that is on cooldown for another one?

Yes, you need to be in the harbor to swap items. Once you unselect the shovel that is on cooldown and select a new one, you have to approve the transaction.

Can I mine only with a pickaxe?

No, you need a shovel to mine, and if you have a pickaxe, it will increase the mining speed.

Can I transfer out my assets?

Yes, once you unselect your assets and approve the transaction, they are transferred to your wallet.

Why does the odds percentage turn green/red?

When the odds percentage shows in a different color, that means you have a compass that will give you a hint of whether to mine the treasure location or not. Red = no CPR in the chest. Green = there will be CPR in the chest.

Can I have a Soldier crew member operate an Officer boat?

No, an Officer boat must be operated by an Officer. A Captain boat must be operated by a Captain, etc.

What are the Coin Pirates contracts?

coin.pirates | game.pirates | stk.pirates | shop.pirates

Beta FAQ

Can you restore/repair the health of your ship after the battle?

Not at this time. The team is working on this functionality. For now, you receive a 15% boost to your health when you win the battle. After you lose a life, you will then have 100% health.

Can you be attacked while mining?

No, you cannot be attacked while mining, nor can you attack anyone mining.

Can you be attacked while in Harbor?

No. If you enter a harbor, you won't be attacked.

Why can't I attack a Deckhand?

If you have a Soldier, Officer, Captain ship, you can only attack a Soldier, Officer, or Captain. Deckhands can only battle with Deckhands.

What happens after I lose 3 lives?

You will need to refill your game balance to get the 3 lives back.